About Severny Standart

«Severny Standart» is a company accomplishing complex services for developing project documentation for building and reconstruction power industry objects. For fourteen years of useful work our organization reached excellent results, established strong links with a lot of power industry subjects in Russia and took hard line at electrical energy market. Now «Severny Standart» is a new generation enterprise aimed on accomplish as soon as possible and on the highest level for the customer demands and wishes.

As far as «Severny Standart» cooperates with grid companies, develops areas and volumes of designing, which remarkable increased enterprise organization chart. Today it consists of seven departments, which are divided in to divisions. The staff of enterprise is above 100 employees.


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Pre-project survey

Project pre selection meetings, field works, building constructions surveying, project appraisal of electromagnetic compatibility, photographic evidence.

Substation and overhead/cable lines design to voltage 750 kV

Development of all project stages - research, design requirements, feasibility, conceptualization, preliminary design, detailed design, asbuilt design, author's supervision. Project documentation acception in all necessary expertises, administrative authorities and in other organizations.

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Industrial and civil objects design

Design of industrial buildings, structures, repair and production bases, bomb shelters, technological connection of test rigs, harmonic filters and reactive power compensation, power supply of metallurgical objects and technological processes.

Automated system design

SCADA, telemetering, automated metering system, communication systems, monitoring and management structured system of engineering systems for buildings and structures, development of documentation, as well as SSD, SCD files for projects supporting IEC 61850 standard.

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Software development and adaptation

Development of system requirements, software requirements, analysis, design, code writing, testing, support of the stages of experimental and industrial operation.


PJSC «FGC UES» - «Central MPN»

SS 750 kV Belozerskaya Retrofitting. Automatic Overcurrent Limiting System installation

The set of measures for technological connection of NLMK Lipetsk electric installations

SS 220 kV Harabali expansion. Increasing tranformer power capacity

Reconstruction of overhead lines 220 kV Oka - Bugry 1,2 Priokskaya - Bugry

Overhead line 220 kV Radischevo - Luch reconstruction

PJSC «FGC UES» - «North West MPN»

SS 220 kV Kompressornaya. Autotransformer replacement

SS 330 kV Vostochnaya. Increasing 110 kV tranformer power capacity

PJSC «FGC UES» - «Volga MPN»

Reconstrution of emergency automatics on SS 220 kV Hoper, SS 220 kV Podlesnoe, SS 220 kV Pushkino, SS 220 kV Rtischevo, SS Ekaterinovka, SS 220 kV Atarskaya, SS 220 kV Krasniy Yar, SS 220 kV Centralnaya, SS 220 kV Ersovskaya.

PJSC «FGC UES» - «South MPN»

SS 220 kV Vostochanaya. Autotranformer №2 installation

SS 220 kV Koysug reconstruction

SS 220 kV Vitaminkombinat reconstruction (inceasing transformer capacity and 10 kV switchgear expansion)

SS 330 kV Prikumsk. 110 kV, 35 kV outdoor switchgear reconstruction

SS 220 kV Kirillovskaya reconstruction, 3rd autotransformer installation


SS 220 kV Salda reconstruction

SS 220 kV Sorochinskaya, autotransformer 1,2 replacement and static capacitors batteries installation

SS 220 kV Sorochinskaya, 110 kV reverse cell reconstruction

SS 220 kV Novotroitskaya cell 110 kV, SS 220 kV Orskaya cell 110 kV

PJSC «FGC UES» - «West Siberia MPN»

Relay protection of 220 kV Overhead voltage line Yanga-Yaha - Vingapur, Severny Variegan - Vingapur, Zima - Vingapur reconstruction wich changing operating mode to single-phase autoreclosing

SS 220 kV Novaya. Switchyanrd 110 kV expansion

SS 500 kV Pit-Yah reconstruction

SS 220 kV Nadim. Switchyanrd 220 kV expansion

PJSC «FGC UES» - «Siberia MPN»

SS 220 kV Priangarskaya, Switchyanrd 220 kV expansion

SS 220 kv Abalakovskaya reconstruction, increasing transforner capacity

Switchyanrd 220 kV expansion of SS 220 kV Chita

PJSC «FGC UES» - «Vostok MPN»

Construction of a repair and production base

SS 500 kV Dalnevostochnaya. Outdoor switchyard 500 kV cells 1-3 with out circuit breaker replacement

PC «The Far East Energy Management Company»

SS 220 kV NPS-13 with increasing tranformer power capacity

SS 220 kV Peleduy Switchyanrd 220 kV expansion

PJSC «Lenenergo»

SS 110 kV №330 Michurinskaya reconstruction

SS 35 kV Kobralovo reconstuction

SS 35 kV Molodegnaya reconstuction

SS 110 kV №211 "Fedorovskaya" transformer replacement

SS 110 kV №374 "Yaninno" transformer replacement

SS 110 kV №527 reconstruction along with transformer replacement and insalltion of new 10 kV indoor switch-gear

SS 35 kV Prudy reconstuction

SS 110 kV №27. Circuit breaker replacement

PJSC «North-West Interregional Distribution Grid Company»

SS 110 kV Lubnica reconstruction

Construction of cable line 10 kV from 330 kV Velikoretskaya

Construction of fibre-optic line between SS 110 kV Iskra, SS 110 kV Sheksna, SS 110 kV Zayagroba, SS 110 kV Nifantovo

PJSC «Central and Volga oblast Interregional Distribution Grid Company»

SS 110 kV Yasnogorsk reconstruction

SS 110 kV Sanchursk reconstruction, bus section breaker installation

SS 110 kV Novosormovskaya reconstruction

Construction of overhead line 110 kV Novogorkovskaya CHP - Kudma-3 ; Reconstruction of overhead line 35 kV 5C; Reconstruction of overhead line 110 kV Kudma-Roika

PJSC «Volga Interregional Distribution Grid Company»

SS 110 kV Pharada reconstruction

SS 110 kV Ust-Kurdum with overhead line

SS 110 kV Storojovka reconstruction

SS 110 kV Zapadnaya reconstruction with overhead line 110 kV

SS 110 kV Cherdakly reconstruction

SS 110 kV Bogatoe reconstruction

SS 110 kV Vostochnaya reconstruction

SS 110 kV Shelkovaya reconstruction

PJSC «South Interregional Distribution Grid Company»

SS 110 kV AS-1 reconstruction

Cable and overhead transmission line 110 kV Koysug-R31-R16-PP2-R22 and R23- R25-PP2-R22

Construction of Cable line 110 kV and SS 110 kV Gvardeiskaya

PJSC «Tumenenergo»

SS 110 kV Cherniy mys reconstruction

SS 110 kV KNS-4 expansion, 2x40 MVA transformer installation

SS 110 kV Agat reconstruction, Outdoor switchyard 110 kV expansion

SS 110 kV Gorodskaya reconstruction, replacement of equipment 110 kV, 10 kV

SS 110 kV GPP-9A with overhead line 110 kV

SS 110 kV KNS-1 reconstruction

SS 110 kV Komarovo with incoming transmission line Tumen

SS 110 kV Dorojanaya reconstruction

SS 110 kV Elegaz reconstruction, which includes all necessary measures to organize energy system and GTPP parallel operation in the East-Surgut field

SS 110 kV Signal reconstruction

SS 110 kV KNS-2, SS 110 kV Rodnikovaya, SS 110 kV Gazlift reconstruction under one project

SS 110 kV Vzletnaya, SS 110 kV Tabyaha, SS 110 kV YaGP-1V, SS 110 kV Opornaya reconstruction under one project

Fences reconstruction on substations of Tumen region; Relay protection reconstruction of Tumen region

Overheadlines 110 kV reconstruction for Noyabrsk Grid

PJSC «Far Eastern Power Distribution Company»

SS 110 kV Burun reconstruction

SS 110 kV SMR reconstruction

Construction of SS 110 kV Pushkinskaya with overhead line 110 kV

Expansion of SS 110 kV A

SS 110 kV Leninsk reconstruction, increasing transformer capacity to 25 MVA

PJSC «Kamchatskenergo»

Relay protection and emergency automatics PLC channels reconstruction on SS 110 kV Zavoiko, KSI, Zerkalnaya, Dachnaya, Centralnaya, Ocean, Severnaya, Novaya

SS 110 kV KSI reconstruction

PJSC «Kamchatka South Electrical network»

Construction of diesel power plant in Tilichiki

PJSC «Ekaterinburg electrical grid»

SS 110 kV Rulonnaya reconstruction


Reconstruction of communication center and telemechnics

JSC «OGK-2» - Kirishskaya GRES

Re-laying overhead lines №387, 423 cell 7,10 outdoor switchyard 330 kV

The IPROMASHPROM design institute

Construction of overhead line 220 kV Ledyanaya - MSDS and overhead line 110 kV MSDS - SK1


SS 220 kV Latishskaya reconstruction for "Rexam" in Naro-Fominsk

SS 110 kV Nikonovo reconstruction (second stage) including second transformer installation and 10 kV cable lines for Danone Russia

Vologda optical and mechanical plant

SS 110 kV VOMZ transformer replacement

Kaluga Region Development Corporation (OJSC)

Construction of 10 kV Cable line Kolosovo - Logistika

PC «Mosvodokanal»

Transformer substation №14 reconstruction


Update of the static and dynamic stability analysis of the Krasavinskaya GT generators

Russia Special economic zones (SEZ)

SS 110 kV Bereg, metering system

PC «Salavatneftekhimremstroy»

CCGT construction. Monitoring and management structured system of engineering systems for buildings and structures

Electrical equipment replacement of distribution substation 0,4 kV №95, №2

Rosneft Stavropol

Overhead line F-2 SS «Kamish Burun»

PJSC «Gazprom»

Renewal «Condensate stabilization plant administrative building», (MEP, HVAC systems)

PJSC «Irkutskenergo»

Reconstruction of supervisory control system Novo-Ziminskoi CHP


SS 110 kV Zarechnaya reconstruction

Sukhona Cardboard Paper Mill

Setting calculation for Sukhona Cardboard Paper Mill

Egger plant

Electrical calculations for the Egger plant


Construction of 110 kV lines CHP-PVS – MSDS-1 – MSDS-4, MSDS-1 – MSDS-2 – MSDS-3

Rainwater distribution reservoir 0,4 kV power supply

PJSC «Kubanenergo»

Construction of 110 kV cable line Vostochnaya - Centralnaya


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